5 Signs Your Period Is Imminent

As a lady, when that ‘time of the month’ approaches, there are certain changes in your body. These changes warn and remind you of your monthly period and help you prepare for it. These are five (5) signs or symptoms of an approaching period:

A major sign of an imminent period is the cravings. 80 percent of women have this serious urge to consume foods they don’t normally eat. Most times, these cravings are for unhealthy snacks. A friend of mine knows her period is about to start once she unconsciously starts looking for a shawarma joint. For some, it could be a particular ice-cream flavour. For others, it could be the sweetest chocolate they can lay their hands on. Regardless of what food it is your body craves at that time, the urge doesn’t go away until it has either been satisfied or your period has ended. So, next time you have this insane and consistent craving for a delicious snack, you can be 90 percent sure that your period is just around the corner.

Pimples and Acne
You wake up one morning to find that your perfectly smooth and flawless face is suddenly dotted with pimples. You begin wondering what recent change(s) you’ve made in your diet and/or hygiene that has caused the acne reaction on your face. Well, worry no further. Most of the times, it is just a way of your body reminding you that your period is near. A word of advice here: You might be tempted to treat your face with acne creams and lotions, but don’t. Just let it be. You could try concealing them, resting assured in the fact that once your period ends, they disappear mysteriously on their own the same way they appeared.

Abdominal Pains and Backaches
Abdominal Pains and BackachesThis is a very popular premenstrual symptom. Once you start having irregular stabs of pain, similar to menstrual cramps, around your abdomen area in the lower part of your stomach, it might mean your cycle is about to begin.. Though not quite as popular as the abdominal pain, severe backaches that make you want to plead for a massage could also signify an imminent period.

Mood Swings
This particular sign is so common and obvious that it has become a running gag in books, movies and sitcoms. It is a symptom even males can relate to. A familiar scenario is when a female acts in a snappish and irritable manner and the guy responds with “It’s that time of the month, isn’t it?” Though hilarious, it is very true. One moment you are happy, the next you find yourself depressed, moody and easily irritated.

Nausea and Vomiting
This is a rare premenstrual symptom occurring in very few cases and oftentimes, accompanied by fever. Some ladies also throw up during their periods. If vomiting becomes a regular occurrence before or during your period, do visit a doctor.

One should bear in mind that it is not necessary to experience all of these symptoms before being sure that your period is close. Just make sure you study your body well to be able to detect some of these premenstrual signs. Of course, the surest way of determining the occurrence of your period is by using a calendar to track your cycle.