8 Indispensable Sexual Hygiene Practices

Sexual hygiene, in simple terms, refers to the concept of keeping your sexual organs in a healthy state. It involves habits and practices which ensure your pubic areas are clean and healthy. The importance of sexual hygiene cannot be over-emphasized. Sexual hygiene helps prevents infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Practicing sexual hygiene habits can also boost your sex life and improve your health generally.

Some sexual hygiene practices are specific to a particular gender while some are general and applicable to both genders.

Bathe at Least Twice a Day
It is surprising how many people neglect this basic hygiene practice. Bathing twice a day, preferably in the morning and night, keeps you clean, rids you of germs and bacteria acquired during the day and leaves you looking fresh and relaxed.

Wash Down There
Use a mild or gentle soap and water to wash your pubic areas. Ladies should avoid the use of douches or strong feminine products, as these have proven to be harmful to your sexual health in the long run. Do not over wash. Simply wash with water, and if necessary, soap. Wash in the morning, at night, after engaging in sex and sweaty exercises.

Trim, Don’t Shave or Wax
There are conflicting opinions on this particular subject. One school of thought extols the benefits of removing all your pubic hair through waxing or shaving, while another school of thought argues about the dangers of doing such. The truth, according to medical practitioners, is that your pubic hair actually protects you against infections and keeps your organs clean and warm. So, it is advisable to trim and not remove the pubic hair completely, as it serves a purpose.

Always have Protected Sex
If you are sexually active, this should be your mantra and guiding principle, regardless of whether you have just one partner or ten partners. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry. The merits of having protected sex cannot be overestimated.

Splurge on Underwear
It is quite shocking how people treat their undies with little care and zero importance. Your undies are the pieces of clothing worn next to your skin and in very close contact with your sexual organs. They should be given high priority. Discard old, worn-out or torn underwear. Buy new ones regularly. Have a large undies collection. Never ever run out of underwear. Avoid tight undies. Never wear a particular underwear for two or more consecutive days. Change your underwear daily or after a sweaty exercise or workout.

Check the Goods Regularly
Make it a point of duty to always check your sexual and reproductive organs for any irregularity such as lumps in the breasts, blisters, warts, redness or sores on the penis or vagina. This could help in early detection of cancer and STDs and immediate treatment.

Change Pads or Tampons Regularly
This applies to the feminine gender. Always change your pad or tampon after four to seven hours, depending on the heaviness of your flow. Don’t wait till it gets full. Apart from getting stained and embarrassed in public, there is the likely possibility of contracting an infection.

Visit Your Doctor
Routine visits to your doctor for medical check-ups should not be ignored. Get yourself tested and make any complaints to the doctor.

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