Importance Of Strength Workouts For Females

The stereotypical “meat head” is a bulky guy at the gym who chugs pre-workout and protein and pumps iron. Conversely, many picture females working out as a strictly cardio trip to the gym filled with leggings and maybe a coffee. Nothing is wrong with either of these types of people, but such stereotypes may be creating expectations for how each gender should work out.

Seeing all of the experienced weight lifters may also be intimidating for those who have not been exposed to many strength exercises in their life. Unfortunately, many of those neglecting strengthening tend to be women. Many males are passed down the knowledge and expectations for strengthening, while women who are not involved in competitive sports may never have been exposed.

Depending on your fitness goals, different forms of exercise will be more important than others, but all hold at least some importance and none should be neglected. For example, a gymnast will be more concerned with flexibility than a soccer player, and a soccer player will need more cardio than a gymnast. However, both soccer players and gymnasts need some level of cardio and flexibility to perform their best and prevent injury. Many females do not want to get “too big”, so they may avoid strength exercises. Even though bulking up may not be in the forefront, it is still very important to do some strengthening in combination with other things.

One reason that doing some weight lifting or strengthening is important for females is that it can help to reduce body fat and burn calories more effectively. For many women this may be a goal of working out, and strengthening muscles can help this goals.

Weight lifting can also prevent osteoporosis, or bone density loss, in women. Osteoporosis has a high risk in occurring in women as they age, and regular weight lifting can help prevent or slow this process.
Strengthening can also help to prevent injury, which is why high level athletes of both genders do it. Building muscle will help to make the body more stable, and weight lifting can also help improve balance and coordination.

Weight lifting is important for maintaining health and wellness in people of both genders.For those who are intimidated or inexperienced, there are various types of strengthening, and it does not all involve yanking around 300lbs. Meet your body where it is at, and consult a physical trainer if you need help finding the type of exercises for you.