Stoking the Sexual Flames in Your Marital Bed

Remember when you first started dating your spouse? Do you recall the euphoria, the need to always be around him/her? Do you remember when you guys got married? The never-ending sex marathon, the cuddling, the insatiable urge to hit the sheets repeatedly? Six years later and two beautiful kids along the way, you are wondering where the blazing passion disappeared to. Deep down, you know exactly where it is: buried beneath your busy work schedules, caring for the kids and making ends meet. But guess what? You can make those flames roar back to life again and blaze even hotter than ever.

Always Look Good
No matter how clichéd this heading seems, it doesn’t change the fact that looking good works wonders. Make an effort to present an appearance worthy of a second glance. Yes, your spouse has seen you at your worst, but it never hurt to impress.

Take good care of your body. Your appearance counts. Try out new and sexy hairstyles, change your wardrobe once in a while and visit the gym regularly. Stay healthy. Remember, looking good is good business.

Don’t be a Slob
Dirtiness is a huge turn off. Don’t come to the bed at night smelling or stinking to the high heavens. Shower every night. Imbibe good hygiene practices. Keep your bedroom neat and clean environment. As sexual intimacy blogger Julie Sibert clearly puts it, clean sex is hot sex.

Try Different Sexual Positions
Be creative in the bedroom. Don’t just stick to one style of having sex. Apart from the missionary position, there are various other sexual positions that can increase intimacy and heighten pleasure for the both of you.

Explore and Break Boundaries
The bedroom is not the only place to make love. Make love during the day, in the pantry, in the bathroom and even on the dining table (preferably when the kids are not around). Try new things: oral sex, anal sex, whips, chains, bondage, and sexual toys. Find out what works for both you and your partner and what doesn’t.

Seduce Him
Yes, ladies, men love to be seduced. It is a huge turn-on. Instead of wearing your usual pajamas or nightgown to bed, why not shock him with a sexy lingerie? After a hard day at work coupled with domestic chores, you just want to lie down and sleep, but remember that every relationship requires effort for it to work. So, take a quick hot bath. You would feel refreshed and clean. Spritz some perfume on yourself (find out the scents of flavoured syrups that turn him on), put on that hot number and waltz into the bedroom. Trust me, you would be glad you did.

Talk Dirty
This might not work for everyone as some people are quite shy when it comes to talking dirty, even to their spouse. However, if you can work up the courage to do it, your sex life would take a turn for the better.

CuddleMaking love is not only about the sexual act. It also involves what happens after. So, instead of falling asleep immediately, why don’t you wrap arms around each other and cuddle. Say a few love words and enjoy the moment. It makes you feel closer to each other, plus it is so romantic!