Tips for Dealing with Cramps During Your Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is a key part of a woman’s sexuality that can neither be overlooked nor ignored. Having a healthy cycle increases one’s fertility and chances of reproducing. It also improves one’s sexual health and general welfare as a whole. There are several factors and parameters that must be satisfied to deem a menstrual cycle healthy. One of them involves having little or no cramps during your period. However, a large percentage of women go through severe pain once their period starts. This uncomfortable experience can be greatly minimized if the following tips are strictly adhered to.

Avoid Sugary Foods
Every woman knows when her period is around the corner, either through a calendar she keeps or by sheer instinct. So, when it is a week or roughly ten days before your period, run away from sugary foods or products. Eat healthy. Consume vegetables, fruits and lots of protein. Most women tend to have cravings, most of them unhealthy, before and even during their periods. You’ve got to choose the high instead of coffee, take tea (preferably chamomile). Buy chocolates with the lowest amount of sugar and ignore the milk chocolate and chocolate cookies smiling sweetly at you from the shelves in the aisle. Avoid junks, sugary drinks, soda, and caffeine products. Take more of water and freshly made juices.

Have a Hot Water Bottle on Standby
heat-therapyAt times, the pain can be so severe that you literally can’t get up from the bed. A hot water bottle or a heating pad can come in handy during such times. Applying heat to the abdomen helps to ease cramps. So, place the bottle or pad on your abdomen until you feel relief.

Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. Just relax. It has been proven that stress is a major cause of cramps. If you sense your period would start soon, reduce your workload. Set out enough time to rest. If possible, get a gentle massage either before or during your period. During your period, the muscles are working to shed the thick lining and unfertilized eggs in your uterus. Massaging helps to relax these tense muscles.

Lie Facedown
It has been proven that lying face down on your side helps to relieve menstrual cramps. Raising your knees to your chest can also help in reducing backaches during your cycle.

Use Pain Relief Pills
This should be a measure of last resort. If after trying the four aforementioned tips and you still feel no relief, then you can use pills containing ibuprofen. Ensure the pills are NSAIDS (Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), and their side effects are not harmful to you. Do not use stronger medications not prescribed by your doctor or physician.

Experiencing little or no pain during one’s menstrual cycle is possible. All you have to do is eat right, rest well and even exercise properly. However, if the pain persists, you must consult your doctor for sound medical advice, suggestions and prescriptions. Stay healthy!